X Factor 2014: Style Wars*

Undeniably, The X Factor has been going downhill in recent years, particularly since Simon Cowell decided to leave for The X Factor USA and Cheryl Cole was fired. I haven't really watched the series since the year that One Direction were on the show and I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anything significant. However, now that both Simon and Cheryl are back, The X Factor UK is making a come-back and I think things will be significantly more interesting this year.

The women judges are Cheryl Cole and Mel B, both fashionistas so it will be interesting to see what outfits both of them pull out. At the moment we're still in the audition stages, so no show-stopper dresses yet, but we've still seen some very trendy outfits. Cheryl seems to pick very classy outfits for every show, favouring lose clothing over the really tight pieces that Mel B seems to like. Cheryl hasn't worn as much colour as she usually does this year and there have been a lot of monochrome outfits with a simple white top and black bottoms. Mel has also been wearing a lot of black, usually very tight fitting, often made of leather or very short. Personally, I think Cheryl is winning the style wars by miles but who knows, maybe Mel B will catch up when we get to live shows. I feel that Cheryl's outfits are more fashionable and all wearable on a normal day whereas some pieces that Mel B has chosen have been a little 'out there'.

Below, I have created a mood board with two simple outfits that I think represent what both judges have been wearing to and from the shows and during the auditions. As you can see, I've chosen an all-black outfit for Mel - a tight fitting, mesh black top, with black leather jeans and black high heels. As for Cheryl, I've chosen a simple lose-fitting white t-shirt, paired with a  scuba black skirt and to add a splash of colour, a pair of bright green heels.


I feel like I could imagine both judges wearing the outfits I've chosen, though I will admit both of these are more on the casual side of these judges wardrobes.

What do you think of the outfits I've chosen? Do you think these would suit the judges?

So whose style do you prefer - Cheryl's or Mel's? Who are you betting on winning The X Factor this year?

*This post has been sponsored by Betfair - all opinions are my own. I do not own these images. 

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