APP REVIEW: 2sides2me - A revolutionary photo sharing app*

Some of you may remember a little while ago that I reviewed an app called GottaFlo, well the developers of that have now come up with an even better app: 2sides2me. 

What is it? 
2sides2me is essentially a photo sharing app - with a twist. It works a little like Instagram in that the premise is to upload photos; however, it's a whole lot cooler than that. What's special about 2sides2me is that you upload two photos at a time. Then what happens is your followers press and hold the first image, which is the one that appears in the newsfeed, and the second one slides in. Pretty neat, huh? 

You create your own user account, follow other users, like photos, comment on them as well as sharing other people's posts to Facebook and Twitter. What's more, you can actually add people as friends and start a chat with them! 

How do you use it?
This app is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is select your two photos from either your photo library or take them on the spot from your camera and you're all set! Of course, there are lots of other snazzy features that you can make use of along the way. Once you've selected your first photo, the option to edit it using effects (i.e. filters), text, stickers or a paintbrush appears along the bottom tab. There's even the option to turn your photo into a meme! Once you've finished editing your two photos, all that's left to do is add a caption (up to 100 characters) and choose how long you want your post to be available for. You can choose to have your post last: forever unless deleted, 1 hour or 1 minute. Finally, if you want to share the link to your new photo on either Facebook or Twitter there's that option too. Voila, that's all it takes! 

The navigation bar is located on the bottom of the app, out of the way, and from there you can explore other people's photos, check your and your followers' activity and start a chat with your friends. The nav bar folds away into the bottom until your press the upwards arrow and draw it up which is pretty cool and means more of the screen is in use. 

To view other people's photos you literally just hold the image and after about a second it swaps to the second image. Once you lift your finger, it swaps back to the first image. 

Who's it for? 
2sides2me is actually the perfect app for bloggers, particularly fashion and beauty bloggers. The ability to show two pictures simultaneously makes before and after pictures incredibly easy which will no doubt come in handy. The ability to change how long your post lasts for is perfect for those who like running flash giveaways or making quick announcements, something that bloggers of all kinds are often seen doing. There are already lots of fashion and beauty bloggers on 2sides2me who seem to be making great use of the two picture feature so I firmly believe this is something that all bloggers need. 

For those of you that aren't bloggers, this app is just something pretty fun. If you want to get your friends opinion on an outfit, why not take a snap of yourself in both of them and upload them to 2sides2me. Then your friends can see the photos in quick succession and help you make a quick decision! It's also great if you like surprising people, who know what your second picture could be? 

Final thoughts...
2sides2me is a revolutionary new photo app. This isn't the sort of app you use to upload your daily snaps, it's actually a tool to be used. It's the sort of app that you can use to show before/after pics, ask about what outfit to wear, compare two products, announce a surprise - the possibilities are endless! The number of different effects, stickers etc. available to customise your pictures with is amazing so there are loads of options for making your photos even better. This app could be used by serious bloggers or just by an average iPhone user, either way it's fun and easy to use. The ability to use hashtags and mentions means that it's really easy to find people who have similar interests and let your friends see the things that you like. All in all, 2sides2me is definitely worth downloading as it's a lot more useful than half the other photo sharing apps out there. 

Download 2sides2me for free here

2sides2me is currently running a giveaway! 

Win MAC'S Angel Lipstick & Gloss 
The contest runs between April 10th and April 20th 
The best before and after picture wins! 
All you have to do is upload your two photos and add #beforeafterpics
*This is a sponsored post. All reviews are 100% my own. 

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