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Friday Film review: World War Z.

NB: I have not read the book therefore I cannot judge this film as an adaptation.

Brad Pitt's latest film is a film adaption of Max Brook's famous geopolitical zombie novel, World War Z. The film is about what happens after a huge number of people all over the world are suddenly infected by the zombie disease. Brad Pitt is recruited to help fight these creatures back and discover where they came from and how to get rid of them. He travels all over the globe to try and find his answers and faces several setbacks and with the zombie infestation spreading quickly and getting worse day by day, the future of planet Earth looks pretty bleak.

World War Z brings the zombie craze back to life (excuse the pun). I am not a fan of zombie films to be honest but I really enjoyed World War Z because the zombies were actually scary and not lollopping lumps of flesh. The bite from one of these zombies takes effect within ten minutes and will have the victim writhing and twisting on the ground until that happens. There's something different about these zombies; they are actual monsters that have some sort of intelligence which makes them all the scarier. I thought that the CGI effects to create the zombies were fairly good as they created fairly realistic and detailed creatures. What let this down though was the fact that there was too much blurry action during the zombie action to really appreciate this.
What makes this film unique is that it isn't centered on fighting the growing zombie population, but on finding a way to protect the human race, and there is a subtle distinction. This film had the potential to be so much more than a zombie horror story but I'm not entirely sure that it lived up to it. A large part of this film is spent fighting zombies so there's lots of action which sort of took over the film which is a shame because there was actually another agenda. The story is really quite clever and you're hooked the whole way through, trying to find out what the conclusion will be. That said, I do feel that the story was a little rushed and had there been less zombie attacks and more time dedicated to the main plot, that is, finding a way to protect humanity, then this film would've been excellent.

The acting is really good in this film, particularly from Brad Pitt which makes it especially disappointing that so much screenplay was dedicated to pointless zombie attacks. I guess fans of the book shouldn't watch this as I gather it has little to do with the book and is mainly about CGI and on screen action. For those who haven't read the book, this will probably appeal to fans of zombie, paranormal and sci-fi films, particularly those that like a fast pace and lots of action.

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