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REVIEW: Fingercandy rings  

Most of the time, Facebook adverts simply annoy me. They are rarely about anything that I'm actually interested in and just clutter up the side of my page - though, I suppose that is my own fault for liking so many useless pages. However, very occasionally, these adverts catch my eye, and that is how I discovered Finger Candy! - an online ring store.

Upon browsing the site, I was very impressed by the fabulous designs and exceedingly low prices. These are exactly the sort of rings that I was looking for, for casual, everyday wear. I decided that my favourite out of all the rings were those of the 'Flower Power' collection, so I proceeded to order a 'Blue Double Colour Rose Ring'. I was a bit confused at first as to which size I should choose so I did a little bit of maths to figure out the diameter of my ringer (geeky I know), though most of you can probably go right ahead and order whichever size you usually get.

I was very surprised to find that I received a well-wrapped little parcel the very next day. The delivery was so fast I was actually shocked. Usually when I order online I have to wait at least a couple of days, but the swiftness of the delivery from Finger Candy! really impressed me. The ring arrives in a little plastic wallet, enclosed in bubble wrap, enclosed in a little parcel envelope which is all very neat, tidy and professional looking.

I was pleased to find that the ring fit perfectly and was exactly the same as the picture on the website. It is clear that a lot of attention to detail has been put into making this ring as each petal is perfectly contoured to make this ring look exactly like a rose. I've bought many rings from the likes of Topshop and Miso, and whilst they look good, they are actually of very poor quality - which is disappointing given that they cost about £8 each. The last time I was in Westfield, the stone on top of the ring had fallen off within 30 minutes of purchase. I was not amused. That's why I really love Finger Candy! rings. They're made of a durable, plastic material that I'm absolutely certain will not be breaking any time soon. Sometimes plastic rings can look incredibly tacky or childish, but Finger Candy! rings are neither of these things - I think they're fashionable and quirky.

All in all, Finger Candy! rings are affordable - the most expensive ring being only £2.49 and delivery only costing £0.99 which is well worth it for next-day delivery; fashionable with quirky designs. They've even got a sale on at the moment so head on over to Finger Candy! to get your rings!

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  1. I am so in love with these rings! I wish I lived in the UK so I could enter to win them. :( Oh well, thank you for sharing these though!



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