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New Girl.

Although this show doesn't actually start in the UK until this coming friday, it's already available on 4OD so I thought I'd take a sneak peak. I remember, back in 2011, looking at a list of upcoming television shows and thinking that the trailer for this show made it look funny and entertaining.

New Girl is about a bubbly, innocent and slightly naive girl in her late twenties. In the pilot episode we see Jess come home to find her boyfriend cheating her, she then searches for another apartment and finds one with three guys: Nick, Winston and Schmidt. The series revolves around these four and also Jess's friend, a model, Cece.

Jess's personality and inability to act normal in social situations is the main source of humour in this new series. Zoey Deschanel, who plays Jess, is absolutely briliant at playing this foolish and clumsy character that really makes you laugh out loud. Joining her, we have: Max Greenfield playing the stereotypical ladies man, as I believe I've seen him play many times before. He seems to have a contract similar to that of Taylor Lautner's whereby it is necessary for him to take his shirt off at least three times per episode. He may be a bit of a douchebag - he's even got a 'douchebag pot' that he puts money in every time he does something douchebag-y - but you have to love him. Lamorne Morris plays the character of Winston, though he is missing from the pilot episode and I don't believe I've watched any of his previous works so unfortunately I can't really say much about him. The third room-mate, Nick, is played by Jake Johnson and he's the mellow one in the group having suffered a recent (okay it was 6 months ago) breakup as well. He's really the one who brings all the boys together and to Jess's rescue because I think he feels her pain and understands.

New girl was one of the eight shows honoured in the 'Most Exciting New Shows' category at the Critics' Choice Television Awards and has received generally favourable reviews. The pilot episode drew 10.28 million viewers, a 4.8 Adults 18-49 demo rating. This was the highest-rated Fall debut for a Fox scripted show since The Bernie Mac Show in 2001.

New Girl premiered in the US back in September and is due to begin in the UK on the 6th of January, so if you haven't already started watching this show, you definitely should as it looks like it's going to be a good one! It had a very strong pilot episode that had me laughing out loud throughout and with a talented cast and interesting plot this show could go far.


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  1. I watched the pilot for New Girl from the get go and was hooked! The plot and characters are so strong and hilarious. I think every girl can see a bit of Jess in themselves :)

  2. i loooove new girl!!! it is funny and fresh! zooey deschanel is adorable and i love max greenfield (schmidt) -- prepare to laugh out loud at his antics! i can't wait to hear your thoughts on new girl. :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. Ahh I love this show, and I have to agree with Cindy :) I can deffinately see a bit of Jess in me!!!



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