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Cutey Charm Bracelets.

At some point in every girl's life, we develop an obsession with charm bracelets. Whether it's when you're 5 or when you're 50, women just can't seem to resist these timeless pieces of jewellery. The traditional charm bracelet consisting of a chain of links is still going strong; however, recently, a new and different type of charm bracelet has emerged on the market. These new bracelets consist of a simple, straight chain and instead of hooking on, the charms all have a hole straight through the middle of them and they slide on. Another way of looking at it is: traditional charm bracelets are made by LINKS and the new charm bracelets are made by Pandora. Both these brands are sell great jewellery, but the prices are not very affordable with most pieces costing well over £100 and charms costing around £30 each.  There is no way in hell that I'm ever going to put a hundred pound piece of metal round my wrist so I hunted around for alternatives and so I stumbled across Cutey, a newly launched online jewellery brand.

Cutey aims to provide affordable jewellery that is still of a high quality. As Cutey only launched in 2011 they currently only sell charm bracelets but they're looking to expand in the future. At the moment, they sell a large range of bracelets all priced at £12.99, which is a remarkably good price for the superb quality of the bracelets. Cutey's bracelets are the newer style of charm bracelets, or the 'Pandora' type bracelets. Many people find it annoying when the charms on these bracelets swing round and round as your wrist moves. Thankfully, Cutey has solved this problem by having two 'stoppers' along the bracelet so that the charms cannot all bunch up together. Upon first purchasing this bracelet I wasn't aware that you could change/remove the charms on it, but you can. I didn't realise this before because you cannot simply pull the charms off, you have to twizzle them around first which is a great safety mechanism as it means you won't lose any charms. The two stoppers at each end of the bracelet prevent the charms from flying off every time you remove your bracelet - something which I have done many a time in the past. Although you cannot purchase charms from Cutey, the bracelet itself is universal so you should be able to put charms bought from other places on it. The chain itself is virtually unbreakable. I've tugged, twistedThe clasp takes some getting used to and can be a bit fiddly at first but it is incredibly secure and there is not way that your bracelet could ever fall off. Cutey charm bracelets suit every occasion, be it everyday wear or party wear. There's a wide range of colours and designs to choose from with a variety of charms: clocks, locks, turtles, hearts, beads, stars and much much more! I love the flexibility that my Cutey bracelet gives me and with the large range of charms it's like having several bracelets in one! At the moment, there is only one charm on my Cutey bracelet and this makes for a nice chic and understated bracelet, but when I'm feeling funky I'll put all 7 charms on for more vibrance and colour.

All in all, if you're looking for a nice, quality, but cheap, charm bracelet, Cutey is the brand for you! You can order online from their website and if you order now there is free delivery in the UK and a 10% discount! Check out all of Cutey's bracelets here.

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