5 Tips to Get Your Man to Be More Fashionable*

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Girls, getting your man to be more fashionable are more important now than ever. With men like David Gandy prancing around at fashion shows and modelling events, the world is beginning to think that is how men should dress. Unfortunately, we cannot all go out with David Gandy. Damn you Mollie King! But, we can encourage our men to be more careful with the way they dress. After all, no one wants to date a slob.

Get to know why they dress like they do

A lot of your man’s fashion will revolve around a certain mentality. The main frame of mind that men have is being comfortable in their clothes. That is fine, as long as they are not rocking the joggers and trainers combination every time they leave the house. If you can understand why they dress like they do, you can then encourage them to try other things. For example, if it is all about comfort, there are plenty of comfortable and stylish clothes they can wear. If they are large, they don’t have to wear skin tight clothes, but that doesn’t mean they should wear baggy clothes. Check out companies like OH Man Big Clothing for more tips and inspiration.

Surprise him with clothing you like

You know what I mean. They’re the clothes that you say are for them but are really for you! Half the battle with men is getting them to try new things, and clothes are no different. Once you introduce them to fashion, they are more likely to take your opinion seriously and take more care with their appearance. All you have to do is ask him to try it on for you and see how it fits. That isn’t so hard!

Give him words of encouragement

You have to go through too much for him to turn back once he finally gets there. That means your attitude is incredibly important when your man takes the plunge. Even if you are not too keen on his new look, just be happy that he is going in the right direction. Tell him how great he looks and how much better his new look is than the previous one. Just like us women, it is all about his confidence and self-esteem. Before you know it, he’ll spend ages in the bathroom too!

Go somewhere fancy

Give him a reason to dress up by inviting him somewhere nice for the evening. If they love casual clothing, take that option away from them and make them dress up. A fancy restaurant with a dress code or a black tie event is the perfect option. Trust me; once they see how good they look in their suit and tie they will not look back.

Throw out the old stuff out

As the new clothes enter his wardrobe, start sneaking the old things that you don’t like out. If you try getting rid of clothes before he is ready, he will fight you out of spite. But, if he is comfortable with his new look, he might not even realise that the old, faithful jogging pants are in the bin!

In the end, he will thank you for all your hard work, even if he doesn’t realise it at first!

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  1. Yep I need to do all of these things. He jus always wears the same things over and over - I would get so bored lol! Great advice love it xxx

    1. haha yes men's fashion is much less interesting and I refuse to believe the contrary!

  2. I agree and disagree with this post. Sometimes I have to admit, I do tell my other half to not wear something but at the end of the day I'd rather he wears something he enjoys wearing and doesn't feel self concious about me constantly judging him!

    1. I see your point - I don't judge my boyfriend for wearing his sports kit pretty much day in day out but thought this might be handy for the odd day when you want him to dress up a bit :)

  3. Hmmm, this is interesting ! Thank you !

  4. I do think men need a helping hand and a little encouragement to be more fashionable.


    1. Depends on the man, but yes lots of them do!!


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