The Perfect Movie For Any Occassion*

I watch a lot of films, as you will have probably guessed. And I have some favourites that I call on every now and again. They are sure fire winners as far as I’m concerned, and can often fit the mood or occasion that I find myself in. Give them a go and see how they work for you - I’m pretty sure there’s something for everyone!

For rainy Sundays

Nothing beats hearing the rain pour down outside while you are curled up by the fire with a film on. Apart from when that movie is in glorious black and white. And, for those lazy Sundays when you have a couple of hours to kill, I strongly recommend that you take a look at Breathless - or  À bout de souffle to give it its French title (avoid the Richard Gere American remake. It's OK, but the original is far superior. And better for when it rains.) It's a razor-sharp 1960 film by Jean-Luc Godard that looks and feels like it was only made yesterday. I studied it during my first year at university and it's brilliant. And it also has Jean Seberg dripping cool with the best pixie cut you will ever see.

For when you crave fast food

There's only one option here. Food, Inc is an incredible documentary that lifts the lid on the American food industry and presents it as you have never seen it before. It's a harrowing watch at times, and there is no doubt that it will have a lasting effect on you, as it has me. Take a peek at my full review and the next time you are feeling like heading down to your local burger joint, watch it instead. You will probably settle for a home made salad.

For Valentine's

OK, so Valentine's Day can be an issue when it comes to watching movies. You could toss a coin and pray to the heavens that you will win. But if you lose, you will face a selection from the greatest/most ridiculous man movies of all time. Now, you might get lucky, but I have two options that could save your bacon. If you are in the mood for something lighthearted, try Bridesmaids. It's the only 'rom-com' that pretty much every guy I know will happily watch. And, if you are both in a more thoughtful mood, try a double bill of  Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. It's a brilliant look at two people meeting for the first time and probably the only romance film ever made that men will tolerate. Although - good luck trying to talk him into watching it!

For when you want your head to explode

Sometimes, it’s necessary to test yourself when you watch a film. But, no matter how prepared you are (unless you read the spoilers first), you will struggle with Primer. The first fifteen minutes or so are a tough watch if you aren’t a mathematician, but as the plot unfolds it takes you on a winding road - well, several, actually. It will make your head spin, but in the most delightful way. I would recommend reading the first section of this helpful guide first, and then settle down for the fun. And, once you have finished, you will probably want to watch it again to see where you were wrong all along.


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