iPhone 5 cases: Trust Me You Can Dance -Vodka (Mobile Madhouse)

It's Christmas Day and I'M BACK. Sorry to all my followers for my prolonged absence (I think it's been over a month?!), but my university workload is much heavier this year and I have no time for reading/blogging during term time :(


Having a phone case that is deemed 'fashionable' or 'edgy' has become an issue for anyone with a smartphone. There are so many different types of cases out there and most major fashion houses have created their own designer cases too. Whilst street vendors used to be seen selling pirate DVDs, they're now selling knock-off phone cases, and more and more of them are appearing with each passing day. For those of us who can't afford a Moschino iPhone case - never fear! Mobile Madhouse has lots of snazzy phone cases that you can get your hands on.

About the case
This case, made by Caseflex, is for the iPhone 5/5S made of a tough, lightweight polycarbonate shell. It's dark blue/purple in colour with multicoloured bubbles covering it and the quote 'TRUST ME YOU CAN DANCE" -Vodka on the back. 

What's good about it
The case wraps snugly around the iPhone and is cut perfectly around the edges so your phone remains thin and sleek. What's most annoying about these cases that just wrap around your phone is that they're usually incredibly hard to put on and remove but surprisingly, that is not an issue at all with this case. It snaps on and off very easily, without much bending so I doubt there's much risk of it breaking in the process. This is most convenient if you, like me, have a large collection of phone cases and like to change them frequently. 

Although this case is made from a hard plastic material, it is still incredibly light and doesn't really add any weight to your phone which is a major plus. I've been using this case for a few days now and it's constantly being thrown in and out of my bag but so far it has remained unscratched with no chips. In addition, all the ports and buttons around the edge of the phone are still accessible and the case does not get in the way at all. 

What's not so good about it
This isn't really a negative point, just something to note: the case is significantly darker in colour than in the picture on the website. In addition, the case is shiny and has a 'gloss' finish, as opposed to a matte one as the picture indicates. The edges of the case do not rise above the screen which means that your screen is virtually unprotected with this case so I would highly recommend getting a protective sticker for your screen, just in case. 

Final thoughts...
This is a fun case that is evidently also of a very good quality - a rare combination these days. I have ordered a Caseflex iPhone 5 case from Mobile Madhouse before, which I was very pleased with (see review here), and I am currently alternating between that one and this new one. I love the quote on the back and this is the perfect lightweight case for carrying your phone around on a day-to-day basis. What's more, there's free delivery if you purchase it from Mobile Madhouse! 

Get yourself this case here, or to see their other iPhone 5 cases, click here.

*This case was provided by Mobile Madhouse in exchange for an honest review. All opinion are 100% my own. 

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