I've recently become more and more interested in watching documentaries (and by that I mean, finding more and more ways to procrastinate) so I've turned to Netflix and am slowly making my way through everything they've got on here.

Food, Inc. is about how your food is made and how it makes it onto the supermarket shelves and then into your meals. The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than it has in the last 10,000. This is due to the rise of genetically modified crops and numerous other scientific discoveries that have led to the easy mass-production of food. In America, only a handful of companies control the food system and Food, Inc. reveals just how much power these corporations have and how they exert their power over the American consumer. 

I've heard of and watched a few videos on what really happens in the food industry in terms of animal cruelty etc. but Food, Inc shows you how the food industry in America is closely tied to the government which seems to care little about the what its citizens are putting in their bodies. With problems such as obesity and diabetes on the rise in numerous countries, not just the US, it is time to make a change and watching Food, Inc. is a step in the right direction. That said, there are also some pretty shocking clips about how the animals are treated that are likely to be found distressing by many. At numerous times during this documentary, I found myself with my mouth agape in horror as I watched the treatment of some animals. 

Food, Inc is brilliantly narrated and gives the viewer a detailed insight into the food industry without overloading you with boring facts and statistics. Of course, there are lots of statistics included, most of which are utterly shocking; however, this documentary seems to be an appeal to human nature rather than a report. This documentary subtly urges you to think about what it is that you're eating everyday whilst also promoting healthy eating. They use a wide variety of case studies to demonstrate what's going on and numerous products are discussed, though quite a lot of this documentary is focussed on the meat industry in particular. There are interviews with real life farmers and consumers who have had to deal with the rise of the massive corporations that currently dominate the American food industry. 

All in all, Food Inc. is a shocking look at the reality of the American food industry and if you're currently living in America then you need to see this to understand what is really going on around you. Humans eat, on average, three meals a day, so that's three times a day you're filling your body with food, and yet I'm willing to bet that the majority of you don't know where your food really comes from. Food, Inc. will help you to understand the disastrous effects that this corrupt industry could have on both the environment and the health of those that consume it. The poor ethics of the transnational companies governing the US food industry are revealed and this documentary has definitely made a big impact on me and the way I will view food in the future. This is a rare gem that has probably changed my life for the better. It is informative and moving and I would urge everyone, particularly US citizens, to watch this as soon as possible. 

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