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The Official Blogger App.

I'm sure many of you keen bloggers were, like me, desperate to find a way of blogging on the move. Now of course you can send your post by email, but you couldn't really view your post afterwards to see what it looked like. I spent many an afternoon searching for blogging apps on my iPod touch, and though there are some free ones out there, none of them do exacty what I wanted them to do. However, finally, there's an official Blogger app!

It's a very simple app to use and it's so easy to get your work published. Conveniently, the back button is the save button so there's no need to worry about losing your work. If you have multiple blogs, then it is very simple to switch from blog to blog with the tap of your finger and you can just keep on posting. The 'homepage' is simply a list of all your posts, published and drafted, along with three buttons on the bottom, one for writing a new post, one for viewing the mobile version of your blog, and settings. The only useful things you will find in 'settings', is the option to switch blogs and the 'image settings', where you can choose the default size for the pictures you attach.

Whilst the simplicity of the app, makes posting very easy and convenient, it is, perhaps, a little too simple. There aren't as many functions as I would like as it literally a 'posting' app, not a 'Blogger' app. In addition, there is no way to easily format your post. You cannot edit the look of the text (i.e. font, size, colour etc.) at all and when you add a photo to the post you cannot position it where you want to. You can; however, use html, so technically you can format your post, but the amount of effort this requires is immense! It also means that you have to know all the html codes for editing which not all bloggers are aware of. You cannot look at recent posts from blogs you follow and you cannot change the appearance of your blog - when I said this is literally just for posting, I meant it!

When on the posting page itself, there's a row for your post title and the rest of the page is blank space for you to write in with a small strip at the bottom for your post labels. This page has only your basic buttons including: save/back, publish, add a photo, take a photo and add location. If you're writing masses and masses, it's really easy to scroll through everything you've written to check over your work.

I highly recommend this app for any keen blogger with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad so that you can blog on the move. This app will be most useful to those who simply post plain text/photos, as there isn't really any way of making your post more snazzy. Although it is not possible to carry out all the functions that the Blogger website has, this official app is still better than any of the alternatives out there.

Here's a random screenshot I took of the Blogger App homepage

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