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It's undeniable that the recession has hit us hard. Everyone's feeling the pinch and is constantly on the lookout for deals and savings and here is your solution! does all the hard work for you and finds you the latest deals and coupons. Having been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Business Week, The New Yorker, Kiplinger, Mashable, PCMAG.COM, Daily Finance and treehugger, this website is quickly becoming a popular website. Their pages are regularly refreshed with the latest deals and coupon codes available for a wide variety of products so be sure to check their site regularly.

Frugal Dad isn’t like other online coupon sites as it offers you deals and coupons for shops and brands that you’ve actually heard of. They find you deals from major brands such as Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s and Dell to get you the best price when you’re out shopping. Everybody could use a little more money in their pockets and instead of scouring the newspapers or google for sales and deals, just go to Frugal Dad – they’ll do it all for you!

Take a look at their restaurant page to get the latest offers and coupons before you go out and treat yourself. Often fine dining can eat into our pockets, but with Frugal Dad here to help you find the latest offers atyou’re your favourite restaurants you won’t have to worry about the price! Is there a family birthday coming up or an anniversary? Do you want to celebrate in style with some really great food but are worried about the price? Then visit Frugal Dad and look for coupons before eating out, it’s just a click away, and find the latest deals in your area. 

Frugal Dad does not just offer you the latest coupon codes, but also gives you an insight into money and careers. As a website that was launched just last year, Frugal Dad has done incredibly well and I’m sure it will only get better in the future. The website is being constantly updated with the latest news and fresh content combined with a slick design makes this an easy site to navigate as well as a valuable source of information. If you haven’t already been to, then I highly recommend you visit it now and add it to your bookmarks bar!

Visit Frugal Dad NOW and start saving money on your shopping bill!

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